July 29, 2013


    Here I am: 




    (for now, anyways.)


    With all the changes going on at Xanga, I’ve made the move.  

    Not sure if I’ll be staying here or there or where I might end up.

    But, thought it be best just in case,

    to move so that I can take my archives with me.

    Without realizing it though, my Xanga just renewed,

    so if it works out and Xanga stays,

    this blog will still be here, so who knows, I may be back.


March 21, 2013

March 17, 2013

  • ~Sunday~

    Nothing much going on here today.

    Gonna watch the Nascar race.

    Try a new recipe.  Enchilada-zanga.

    I ended up not making it yesterday.

    No one was hungry enough, 

    so we just had salad for supper.

    Might be gonna throw some corned beef in 

    the crockpot if Jake gets to the store to buy some.

    Not many like it, so it will be mostly for Jake,

    Bob and I.  Jake likes leftovers for his lunch at work.

    He was going to buy it yesterday, but ended up sleeping

    all day and all night, so didn’t make it to the store.


    Tomorrow we start back to a day shift schedule.

    No one is looking forward to it.

    But it is what it is.




March 16, 2013

  • ~Happy Saturday to You~


    ~The New People Magazine~

    ~VH1 Countdown~

    ~Snuggling With Abby On The Couch~

    ~More Coffee~

    ~Pioneer Woman~

    ~Lots of Noise~

    (since everyone but Aaron is home this morning.)

    ~Making A Grocery List~


    ~Menu Plan for the weekend~



    That’s what my Saturday morning looked like.


    This afternoon???


    Hopefully, a shower (with, maybe some hot water?????),

    a quick shopping trip for some meals for the next few days…

    (Today: Enchilada-zanga)

    (Tomorrow: Corned Beef & Cabbage)

    (Monday: Cheeseburger Quiche)

    (Tuesday:  Forgotten Chicken)

    (Wednesday: Clean up the leftovers)

    since it looks like most everyone will be home now every night for supper…

    (lots of schedule changes happening around here again)

    then home for some cooking and cleaning.

March 12, 2013

  • What I’m reading on Facebook….

    Each morning I have some neat/interesting things that pop up in my Facebook news feed.

    Thought I’d share some of them from time to time.


    ~Are You Ready to Face the Day?~

    (from 5Minutesforfaith.com)


    ~Using God’s Name in Vain~

    (from chrisjeub.com)


    A Day in My Life

    (from Candace Cameron Bure -

    I’m a fan of both her 

    and her brother Kirk Camereon.)

  • Nope, we didn’t go anywhere….

    Yup, we’re still here. 

    Nothing going on.

    Just trying to get through the Winter Blahs and onto Spring.

    Everyone’s tired of being stuck inside.

    We need sunshine and warmer days.


    Nikki and Aaron are finishing up the last week of the term w/their classes.

    So, they have finals this week.

    Then they are off for 2 weeks before the next term starts.

    Aaron is now an official employee of the college instead of a work study.

    That means more pay and some more hours.

    Nikki was just made Work Study of the Quarter. 

    She got a nice certificate and will have her name in the paper.

    So, now that’s 2 of our kiddos who’ve been recognized for their hard work.

    Aaron got the same thing during an earlier term.

    She’s excited to be almost done.  One more term and she’s done w/ school!!!

    Nat’s still busy with her job. co-teaching 2 preschool classes. She has one in the

    morning and one in the afternoon.  We’re pretty sure she’s had the flu, so she’s 

    been pretty dragged down. Coughing, coughing, and more coughing.

    Jake’s still working his same job.  He got some overtime last week.  Made him happy since he

     bought a new car last month.  2011 Chevy Malibu.  He loves it.

    The younger 3 girls are all wishing for Spring to hurry and get here already.

    They are ready to be spending more time outdoors.

    They are wanting to be able to eat breakfast on the front porch, do their reading outside for school,

    ride bikes, go for walks,etc.  

    Me? I’m just ready for sunny days and being able to open the windows and smell that wonderful

    Spring air freshening up these stuffy walls.  





January 7, 2013

  • Settling Down….

     The holidays are over.

    And though I love the holidays,

    I’m ready to settle down.

    It’s cold outside.

    We don’t have much snow.

    And it gets dark early.

    It’s time to snuggle in until Spring.


    So, in order to keep busy, we’ve been:


    Playing Games:  

    (we have a large bookcase full of games,

    so we have plenty to choose from.)

    Some of the ones we’ve played recently are

    Clue, Battleship,

    Apples to Apples,


    Rummikub and Rummy.


    Doing puzzles:

     We love Ravensburger puzzles.

    I bought one sometime last year.

    And then, we got a Christmas one.

    Not a lot of pieces, but fun.

    We did it 3 times over Christmas.

    Then the younger 3 girls each got one for Christmas.

    We are currently working on Rosie’s puzzle.


    Watching old TV shows:

    (we have Netflix and use it all the time.)

    We’ve been watching:

    Leave it to Beaver

    (Alli and Abby enjoy this one.)

    The Dick Van Dyke Show,

    (Bob & I like this one.)

    And since Bob’s gone in the evenings,

    I have started working my way through 

    some old 80′s Tv series….

    Cheers, Wings,

    Magnum P.I.

    Watching old movies:

    Two Saturdays ago, Bob and I watched 

    an old Clint Eastwood movie, Joe Kidd.

    This past Saturday, Bob had a headache and 

    was resting, so I watched Three Coins in the Fountain.

    I also watched an old Audrey Heburn movie,


    And a few newer favorites:

    Once Upon A Time 


    And we’ve been doing more reading.

    I’m currently working my way 


    City of the Bells.


    Today, it’s a full day back to schedule for everyone.

    First day of classes for the new term for

    both Nikki and Aaron.

    Hopefully, a bit of homeschooling

    for the younger 3.

    Alli went to bed w/ an upset 

    stomach and a headache last night.

    Rosie also went to bed w/ a headache.

    Bob had one most of the day yesterday.

    Nikki is fighting a head full and headache today.

    She has a full day…out of the house from 7:45 am and 

    gone til about 10pm tonight.

    I’m trying not to worry, but am 

    so fearful we are going to get the rotten flu that everyone

    seems to have.  It really seems to be a tough one.



    Okay, time to get moving….

    Only one pic for now…



    ~Have A Great Week~

January 4, 2013

  • Uploading pics….


     ~We took alot of pictures in December.~

    I’m playing catch-up, 

    trying to get them uploaded to 


    After I get that done,

    (if I ever do, our internet is soooo slow),

    I’ll be sharing some here.

    I know some family members have already 

    seen some of these on Facebook,

    but still want to share them here too.


    Here’s a couple pics…


    ~A pic of our new car.  Bob went out a few days 

    before Christmas and drove a few different styles.

    We really wanted something bigger, but

    once Bob drove this one, he really liked it…




    ~A pic of my most favorite Christmas present.~

    ~From all my kiddos.~



    ~Okay, back to work downloading my pics.~


    ~Hope everyone is having a good Friday.~

    The week may have been a shortened one due to 

    the New Year holiday, but I’m still glad it’s Friday.

    Have a good weekend~



January 2, 2013

  • ~Remembering~



    Our Dear Sweet Bethany Anne 

    is celebrating her 7th heavenly birthday today.

    Happy Birthday Bethany~

    You are forever and always a part of us.

    We never forget about you.

    We can’t wait for the day 

    when we will be together again.

    Every night, we pray:

    Dear Jesus, please give Bethany 

    a hug from all of us.

    Today I pray:

    Dear Jesus,

    please hold my sweet Bethany 

    a bit closer today

    for me.



    Look to the Lord and his strength;
        seek his face always.

    Psalm 105:4